Besides being God's greatest example and pattern for all future Shaker Communities on Earth to model themselves after, Zion's Center of Union, Sabbathday Lake "Chosen Land" is a direct and living Branch over 230 years old, established within the Original Church foundation started by Father Joseph and Mother Lucy (biographies found in the Shaker School).

    Only the most competent and serious souls are ever considered for God's highest order at His Center of Union. We are confident that Shakerism is the Kingdom of God on Earth (See Daniel 2:44) and trust that new Shaker Communities will at some point manifest themselves with less strenuous requirements for Membership.

    Anything that seems tedious to the potential Member is simply because we obey God's commanded rules and ways as revealed to us in this opening of the Gospel. We shall continue to watch, pray and believe for newly established Shaker Communities, but we shall never lower our standard of strict adherence to God's requirements as revealed to the Anointed Leaders because of "desperation" for new Shakers. Please do not be offended if you are not considered "ready" for the First Order at Zion's Center of Union after visiting. It is also helpful to understand that the vast majority of individuals claim in and of themselves not to be ready, which is the true and understandable reason for such small numbers of Shakers on Earth at the present moment.

Requirements & process for Membership at Zion's Center of Union.

  1. You must be in sound mind and body.
  2. You must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. You must be completely free of debt.
  4. You must agree with all of Our Beliefs and have a solid understanding and faith in Shakerism (Click for Shaker School).
  5. You must be free from anything that would prohibit you from giving yourself wholly to God and to the up-building of His Kingdom on Earth.
  6. All Shakers are required to "open their minds" through a complete and honest confession of all known sin that comes to mind since the days of their youth to the witnesses of God. This is not a confession to man, but a confession to God and His Christ, who has appeared the Second time without sin unto salvation in His witnesses.
  7. All Shakers live in Virgin Purity or celibacy.

    If you meet the above requirements, the next step is to write or email us and tell us about your spiritual journey and why you feel God has chosen you to become a Shaker at Zion's Center of Union.

    We then arrange a visit for you to meet the Community and experience the rhythm of life at Zion's Center of Union. We expect any candidate to visit with us before we would feel to proceed to the next step which is to enter as a Novice for the term of one year. Unlike other communities, there is no longer a gathering order at Sabbathday Lake where one can simply show up anytime (outside of touring this historic location as many do). This is a truly consecrated location with much Shaker history preserved and God is zealous for His "Chosen Land". We trust that we shall stand before God as justified for maintaining His Membership protocol.

    At the conclusion of the year, the Community meets together and votes to accept the Novice as a Member of Zion's Center of Union.

    After a residence of five years, which proves absolute dedication to Christ, you become a full Church Member of the First Order at Zion's Center of Union, Sabbathday Lake Chosen Land. You are always able to consecrate your goods to the Kingdom of God. However, the individual holds the rights to their goods (if they desire) for this five year period. It is our job to make sure you fully understand what God is asking of you. Again, please thoroughly study the Shaker School First.

Elder Arnold Hadd has been a Shaker for 40 years.

Eldress June Carpenter has been a Shaker for over 25 years. 

Please contact with any further questions regarding the Center of Union.