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The Architecture of the Shakers


The Architecture of the Shakers
by Julie Nicoletta, photography by Bret Morgan, foreword by Robert Emlen

From Maine to Kentucky, the Shakers built communal villages whose unique buildings were designed to accommodate hundreds of inhabitants unified in the common purpose of work and worship. Julie Nicoletta’s perceptive text and Bret Morgan’s striking photographs illuminate the austere beauty, regional variations, and functional and stylistic evolution of Shaker buildings over the course of two centuries, evoking a visual and literary survey of Shaker design and its impact on our culture at large. Architects, designers, curators, collectors, and an ever-widening public have sought inspiration in Shaker art and architecture. The Architecture of the Shakers is a book for all those who wish to learn more about these remarkable buildings and how the rich cultural legacy of the Shakers continues to resonate within them.

Hardcover, 179 pages, Countryman Press, June 2000

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