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Soup Seasoning

An all-purpose blend of parsley, dried minced onion, basil, thyme and lovage* designed for use according to taste in many types of soups.

*Please note: Currently, the lovage in our recipe is being substituted with celery leaves due to a low harvest last season. Since lovage is a celery-like flavor, your soup seasoning will taste very much the same.

Available in a resealable poly bag ($4) or in a 4-ounce tin canister with clear-view top ($4.95). Poly bags are perfectly sized to be refills for our tins.

Since 1799, the Sabbathday Lake Shakers have cultivated, packaged, and sold to the public the most popular varieties of sweet herbs and medicinal teas.  Following that same early tradition, today we offer a selection of gourmet culinary herbs, herbal blends, spices and herbal teas that represent our long and continuing heritage. Our herbs are grown in gardens more than 200 years old, dried in a facility built in 1845, and packaged in tin canisters just like those used by our forbearers throughout the 1800s. Our herbal products represent our continuing commitment to supply our customers with products of high quality and value.

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