Shaker Fieldstone Food Slabs: You Pick the Size, We Pick the Stone


The Shakers have cultivated their land since 1783. The hedgerows are piled with stones picked from the croplands each spring. These naturally beautiful food slabs are created from polished slices of Shaker fieldstones deposited in the earth by glaciers eons ago. No two stones are alike and each provides a striking presentation for beverages, sliced cheese, hors d’oeuvres, meat, fruit, bread, and more. Also use as a trivet, under potted plants, and atop vanities for soap, cosmetics and more. Slabs are typically multicolor with striking combinations of minerals. Stamped on the reverse with the name: “Shaker Village, New Gloucester, ME.”

Each stone is presented in a custom box, branded with the American Stonecraft logo– perfect for gift-giving!

PLEASE NOTE:  Colors vary and all slabs are irregular, according to the shape of the stone from which they were cut. If you would like a certain color, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you pick out a stone. Otherwise, you pick the size and we will randomly pick the stone for you.

Produced for Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village by American Stonecraft in Lowell, MA.

Available in the following sizes (other sizes available individually here or may be available upon request, please contact us)

  • Coaster $18 – approx. 4” width
  • 6″ Slab $40
  • 7″ Slab $45
  • 8″ Slab $50
  • 9” Slab $60
  • 10″ Slab $70
  • 11″ Slab $80
  • 12″ Slab $95
  • 13″ Slab $110
  • 14″ Slab $130
  • 15″ Slab $155
  • 16″ Slab $185
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