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Hands to Work, Hearts to God – A Retreat for Men May 2018


“Hands to Work, Hearts to God”

A Retreat for Men
May 14-17, 2018

“Hands to work, hearts to God” is a well-known precept from Mother Ann Lee, the early leader of the Shaker Church.  Those words of Mother Ann are the centerpiece for this men’s retreat.

Through individual and small group activities, indoor and outdoor events, plus readings and research, participants will explore the concept of “work” in both temporal and spiritual ways.  Father Robert Limpert, retired Episcopal clergy, will be the retreat leader.

We live in a world of conferences, study days, and planning meetings. Everything is geared towards rushing forward. This is truly a retreat; an opportunity to step away from our busy and demanding lives to reflect on the meaning of work, to reflect on our own work and to put it in a larger context.

  • There will be addresses to guide our thinking.
  • There will be opportunity to engage in some work.
  • There will be opportunity for rest and relaxation.
  • If the group would like to, there will be a nature walk.

Brother Arnold will talk to us about work in the Shaker tradition.  We will pray and eat with the Shaker Community.

Contact Lenny Brooks with any question prior to registering and paying here at or call 207-926-3188.

Limit: 8 men

Cost: $225.00 per person; includes room & board.

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