June 22, 2017 Concert – Kevin Siegfried and the Portsmouth Singers with Brother Arnold


Kevin Siegfried and the Portsmouth Singers
Thursday, June 22 – 7:00 pm

Composer Kevin Siegfried leads the Portsmouth Singers in a program of Shaker music. The concert intersperses Siegfried’s powerful choral arrangements of Shaker songs with original Shaker songs performed in unison. Audience participation is encouraged! Between songs, Sabbathday Lake Shaker Brother Arnold Hadd shares personal and historical insights about the Shaker songwriters, the motivation for the songs, and the past and present relevance of the songs within Shaker life. In many instances, through research from original Shaker manuscripts, Siegfried reintroduces the Shakers and the public audience to songs that had previously disappeared from the Shakers’ repertoire.

This concert is officially sold out! 

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